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Clothing Care

Here's a few tip which will aid in having the shirts for a long time with no ruins

  1. When washing the shirts, please wash it inside out and with cold water with gentle cycle and mild detergent 
  2. You can wash the shirt by itself or with similar color clothing ONLY
  3. DO NOT use non-chlorine bleach. 
  4. DO NOT use any fabric softeners
  5. When drying your shirt it's best to hang-dry for long lasting
  6. If you want to put it in the dryer please put it on a low level.
  7. Iron the shirt inside out please DO NOT iron on the design.
  8. DO NOT dry clean

Follow these rules when washing your clothes and your shirt will last long :)

One important thing is when you receive your item, it is fresh out of the making. In other word, it will smell like it was made in a factory and will still have our spray which helps us create wonderful designs. Therefore, when you receive the shirt, just like when you purchase any item from the mall we advice to wash it before wearing it.  We recommend you do a light wash, in other words allow the shirt to sink in water for five minutes and hang dry it so the smell and spray setting can fade away. 


Thank you for reading these and hope you follow these guideline in taking care of your shirts.