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Birth Of Explosivee

Explosivee was founded by Sabrina Cayo on January 14, 2017 and launched on February 17, 2018. The meaning of Explosivee is breaking out of your comfort zone and exploding into something special. Explosivee is not just a brand, it's a brand with a meaning. Every shirt that is created has a deep meaning which can give you a wake up call or motivate you in a positive way. Our motto is If You Want It, Go Get It. The meaning of our motto is anything you desire to achieve, you must work hard for it and it will eventually be yours. I hope Explosivee will be your go to store when your in need of an inspiring shirt. Enough about Explosivee and have fun scrolling through our items that we have to offer. Of course spread the word about Explosivee and most importantly tag us on all your social media when your're rocking your Explosivee attire to be featured on our page. #ShopTilYouDrop #Explosiveebabiess